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1997 called, they want their website back.


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Easily my favorite comments from reddit:

davecrist 8 points 18 hours ago[-]

Oh, come on it can't be that bad. I'll just cli---AHGHHHHHHGHGHGGGGHG!!@!@!!!!!1~!~


ilovecm 8 points 20 hours ago[-]

This site is so awesome. It is so bad it is good.


meatcurtains 9 points 18 hours ago[-]

I know. I'm totally impressed. I couldn't even do that on purpose.

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I used the default settings in the W3C validator (set to "automatically detect" - which has the site treated as HTML 4.01 Transitional). In any case, nothing can save that thing. It's an eternal abomination.


Unless they're using a doctype of their own that noone else ever seen :P

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Nah, I reckon that the DOCTYPE is "Not Applicable" due to the sites awesomeness.


Not many things can stop your brains thought process while it is in mid thought but this site did for me.


Why is it ... How can that ... Are they being ... OMFG AWESOME



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Great way for them to get some exposure...funny/interesting website design= viral marketing? The site is at PR4 and has an alexa ranking of xx'xxx  - not too bad at all. :D


No, it's just a shitty website. There are still loads of these around. Of course all of them are utterly useless.

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I just bookmarked it. F'ing awsome. How can you not like it? Looks slick, the colours are great.


I bookmarked it too.  I developed a headache shortly after I looked at the site because the colours attempted to blind me.  But the headache was well worth it.  This site has made my day.  I do love it in a way.  I'm very serious.  It really has a lingering effect on me.  Although I must say, I'm convinced it was designed by the shop owner's child.

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