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Hello people,


For the past 3 years, starting with the creation of the Application Design board, and most recently my Design Pattern tutorials, I have been trying to push PHPFreaks in a direction it will not go. At least not without some more people pushing.


More and more I find myself less interested in the threads, and lately I don't get any satisfaction from moderation duties any more either. I find that PHPFreaks is distracting me from my goals in Webdevelopment and programming in general, rather than contributing to them.


In short, it is time to move on.


Once you're settled in on a forum, you often get addicted. This thread is sort of like "throwing away my last pack cigarettes". I hope that saying goodbye and resigning from my moderation duties and rank will help me kick this nasty habit I've had for almost 5 years now, pretty much half of my adult life.


Some of time freed up will go into posting on my blog, some of it into developing Phreamp. The rest will go into generally developing my skills and knowledge.


Some may regret this decision somewhat, others will no doubt jubilate it as I have a reputation for being somewhat of a trouble maker (I can hear some people thinking "that's one way of putting it" :P).


I wish PHPFreaks all the best, and maybe someday it can become the place for professional PHP development I envisioned it to be.


If you're not in my IM shortlist, farewell (ain't it dramatic), otherwise, talk to you later. :)



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Hrmmm....  Don't really know you on a personal level (at all actually), but lots of your posts were interesting.




Just of curiosity, in what direction did you want PHPFreaks to go?  (If you ignore that question, I'll be fine with that.)



No idea what Phream is, but I shall look into it ;p.




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Good luck with the things you plan on doing.  You were pretty insightful on design and all of that stuff.  And by the way, I completely see where you're coming from when you say that PHPFreaks isn't going in the direction that you're pushing it; the questions here are usually pretty basic and most of the one-time posters won't ever bother learning from some of your posts.  I know I certainly did.


Thanks a lot, and good luck.

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You are one of the best coders of this place.  If anything, to a fault.  There has been some shit as far as patterns and models and application design and stuff that I just couldn't grasp what you were talking about.  I couldn't even understand the concepts needed to be grasped in order to grasp your concepts.  It must be really frustrating having to deal with us idiots all the time, being 10 steps ahead of people and constantly have to hand-hold them from one idea to the next.  I truly sympathize.  Not that I claim to understand because I'm smart.  You just tend to feel that same kind of frustration, being a parent.  I truly do respect you, as a programmer.


I'm sorry things weren't working out, as far as direction is concerned.  I hope you have not taken it personally.  I lost track a long time ago how many ideas or notions of mine were either shot down or ignored.  At one point in time I took it personally.  But then I eventually realized that this is supposed to be a casual, laid back place, so a lot of things just aren't destined to happen, no matter how hard you try and push.  That is not to say that all of my suggestions have been shot down.  But I don't want to sound like I'm bragging about anything or sound like any one thing came about solely through my own efforts.  Just sayin'... there are plenty of things that look good on paper or would be great in ideal situations or slightly different situations, that just aren't conducive to a laid back ideal.  But you have had your fair share of contributions to this place.  You put in about 3 years.  You have several tutorials posted.  Blogs.  Virtually the entire app design board is your brain-child.  And for that, I respect you, as a contributor to the community.


And I know a lot of the reason your ideas were held back or otherwise thwarted were either directly or indirectly because of me.  And I'm sure there have been plenty of times that you felt that I really didn't think or feel a certain way about something, but nonetheless argued against you, simply to be a dick.  I sincerely hope that you never took my opposition personal...at least, as far as the ideas themselves.  I lost track of how many times we both have jabbed below the belt out of frustration, lol.  But it was fun! I am no troll (despite outward appearances, both physical and otherwise!), but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed our bickerings, and I will forever be grateful to the admin and other mods and other innocent bystanders, who for the most part, put up with it and let is duke it out.  But neither of us have used those things to weigh arguments, and for that, I respect you, as a duelist.


I felt we had a yin-yang, opposite sides of a coin thing going on.  I always sort of imagined that for a while there, a lot of decisions were being made and directions were being took, because of our monomachies.  Admin/mod sits and wonders what the issue is.  Notices our page length posts. Decides who cares what the issue is.  One of them is on each side of the fence for sure.  They both over-talk everything to death.  Wisest option must be from whoever wins.  Yeah, I know, I'm probably being presumptuous, but you have to admit, it does make it all sound a bit more epic, right?  I know you must have enjoyed it on some level, as well, for your willingness to poke fun at our Arch-Nemesis-Situations-Involving-Inharmonies (I like to call it ANSII, for short), and for mutual jest, I respect you as a friend.


It is truly a loss to see you go, but you'll be back, so I'm not gonna bother saying goodbye.  Everybody comes back to the CV.  People gravitate towards me.  Like a black hole.  And like black holes, I'm good at sucking.  So I will be sure to suck real good in order to make you come.  Back, that is.  Pervert.




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It is truly a loss to see you go, but you'll be back, so I'm not gonna bother saying goodbye.  Everybody comes back to the CV.  People gravitate towards me.  Like a black hole.  And like black holes, I'm good at sucking.  So I will be sure to suck real good in order to make you come.  Back, that is.  Pervert.



lol at the innuendo

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Didn't know you too well, but your posts were always of quality and knowledge/understanding.  Everyone else has said what I might have said, and I as well can understand the feelings of things not going the direction you might have wanted, even with my short tenure here.  Not that anyone notices, but my presence has also dwindled when I see the repeated questions, post whores, and other decisions made... I'm less enthusiastic as I was months ago.


Good luck on your Phreamp project - I had wanted to apply to help, but I realize my current understanding of PHP and let alone OOP concepts (lack thereof) would not be useful at this time.  Perhaps later with more experience and understanding I will think back to it and see if I might be useful.


Best of luck.


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