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New php.net design


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It's nice that they made the effort. Still, it looks dated already.


I have to agree with this, unfortunately. I'm glad they finally got around to working on it though (something that should have been done years ago).


If you want to switch to beta and don't have a top bar, you can do so at the bottom of this page: http://php.net/my.php

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"Step into the future!" If that's the future, well... lol.


Honestly I like the design in its simple form, although they could've done better typography-wise (better Web 2.0-ish fonts and stuck to being modern) but that's just my opinion.

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I wish the content wasn't fixed width and would stretch across my screen.  Also, the top menu (Downloads, Documentation, Community, Help) is kind of annoying; I wish I didn't have to click to see the sub menu items.


Other than that, it looks much more modern and overall better looking.  And I'm sure there will be a continuous improvements.


Edit: It looks like the documentation pages stretch across the screen.  So there is some inconsistency in how the content is displayed across the site (as far as layout widths go).  

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I kind of like the current design. There's nothing wrong with the new design, I don't really see it as any kind of improvement though. I like the visual style of the current designe, and find it to be easy to use/navigate.

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I cant even switch to the new beta site on php.net no option to.  I think they reverted everything back lol


Edit: looks like you have to be onhttp://www.php.net/manual/  to change it to beta.


The font looks absolutely terrible on my Chrome.   I don't know why they use that font, it's all smushed and ugly:




And no, it's not my computer, no other website has the font style like this.

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same reason why iOS changes its desktop design everytime. No matter whether its even a better design than its predecessor, a change is a change, and people want to see changes.

Can't say I agree. Most people hated the new iOS design, but after they started to use it and realised the new usability/subtle improvements they started to like the update. People don't know what they want, basically. It's down to those that know better to give them what they don't know they want.

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