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Found 18 results

  1. Hello The Internet is full with Responsive design tutorials, but a could not find any helpful adaptive design tutorial, so if someone know how to create a adaptive design or a useful tutorial please help. Have a Good Day !
  2. Hello I Googled Responsive vs Adaptive design , and almost all results recommend using Responsive design and say that Adaptive design has a lots Cons. But... I noticed that famous websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube and many more use Adaptive Design, so I'm wandering Why they use Adaptive design if the majority say that responsive is better ? Thanks !
  3. First let me start by saying I'm not looking to copy someone else's code but better understand where the line is drawn for people copying my own code. All developers at some point will have used others code in there own work. If you see something that inspires you, you may decided to use that code in your design. In some degree this maybe classed as fair use depending on the quantity of code you copy. Another developer may taken an entire php file, function, class, CSS sheet, HTML file and use this in there work / pass this off as there own work. This is blatant plagiarism. However what is stopping a developer from taking an entire piece of code and editing every aspect of the file to make it his own? For instance a designer my change the names of the styles and perhaps change the order of the properties and there values slightly; He may also move around parts of the html. In doing so causes the design to look different to your own but still the copying your work no the less. Another instance maybe that a PHP developer uses your entire code / software package and change the names of the variables, classes and methods; He may also change the order in which the methods appear and even change some similar functions to use alternatives such as loops. Again this causes the program to do exactly what your intends to do, however the source code will now look different to your own. How far can someone go back doing these actions? Is this legal? How best would you be able to prove it?
  4. Hey guys. I need some help to design some code(i prefer php/mysql). The project: The "Admins" must be able to mark if members shown up. The "Admins" must be able to add new members at the same time as they check them off.(this is where my problem is) The whole thing must create a new table in mysql when the day is over, and send a copy of the list to email. Im not that good at php, im only 16 years old. Hope that some of you can help me. I made a drawing of my idea (Paint ), Not pretty
  5. Hey guys, So I have myself a display issue with Safari. I used absolute positioning to place a roll-out comment box on my website (to leave a tag that appears in the background). I put display: none, then display:block on :hover over "TAG ME NOW!". It works great in IE, Firefox and Chrome, but when I checked through an online Safari emulator, the roll-out box appeared behind the video that is below (as a float right element). I put the z-index value for the comment box higher than the youtube video but it didn't change anything. Anyone has a clue ? Here is the website : http://www.blackswanworld.com
  6. Hello. In my business logic, I have a user, a company (users can be part of the company) and products. A product can be owned by a user or by a company, the company can assign it to a user later, but it would still be owned by the company (in case the company fires the user). My thought is to have the user table, the company table and the product table. I'm thinking about having a product_owner table, where I would have product_id, user_id, company_id, agent_assigned. If the product is owned by a user then only product_id and user_id will be filled. If it's owned by a company, then product_id, company_id and agent_assigned would be filled. Is this the best way to do it? It doesn't seem good to me.
  7. Hello there, I'm Allen Hundley and I would love for you to be my next client. I love web development and design. It's my dream job and I strive to give my clients exactly what they want for the lowest price I can manage. When it comes to business I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy, and I think that when you pay for a product, be it a website or something else entirely, you deserve to get exactly what you pay for the way you want it. I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and I can hold my own in GIMP and Photoshop. You can check out my portfolio at http://hundleydeveloping.com, or shoot me an e-mail at http://hundleydeveloping.com/contact/ . I'm looking forward to serving you.
  8. Hello all! I have a website with around 250 pages. in every pages(login,index,search,contact....... and all others..) all are in this structure: example: index.php <html> <head><title></title>all others thing that goes here</head> <body> <div><?php include 'topmenu.php'; ?> </div> <div><?php include 'leftmenu.php'; ?> </div> <div>//content of active page</div> <div><?php include 'footer.php'; ?> </div> </body> </html> So here are only a short display but the important fact is.. on all main pages as:home,contact,member contact, members profile,... and such a lot more all have there own tags (html,head,body......) So whe n i change my design or other.. i have to pass all pages!!!!! And i suppose isn't the best way. What do you suggest to me! thanks!
  9. All right, it's a little terrible that I need to ask for help on my PORTFOLIO. I have always been moderately good at coding, but design is not my strong suit. My websites ALWAYS come out looking terrible and amateur. I'm confident I'm plenty good enough to get some work done for ma' and pa' businesses done, but I still want to improve. No matter what I try, I cannot be satisfied aesthetically with my website. (HundleyDeveloping.com) I think I know what is bugging me, but not how to fix it. First of all, I think I may need to change the headers? Perhaps they are too styled? Second, I cannot get the layout of the text right. It just does not look right two columned like that, but on the other hand I don't think it would look good single columned either, because my content area is too wide. I could solve that problem by adding a sidebar, but I simply have nothing to put there. Lastly, the lack of graphics seems to bug me too. But, where the heck am I going to get graphics? Again the site is HundleyDeveloping.com Thanks in advanced guys, I really appreciate any help given.
  10. Hey guys. This is the portfolio I've been working on. While I'm a decent coder, I'm not that great at design. I can pick colors, etc, but when it comes to making an actual layout, it always comes out nice, but amateur looking. I think it could use a lot more content, but I just don't have anything else to say. On a side note, it's a portfolio, but I'm just starting out. My plan was to frame expandable pictures in the navigation bar, but I simply do not have any. Suggestions? Maybe make a few sites for free? Temporary URL: http://hundleyportfolio.bugs3.com/ Thanks in advanced!
  11. Hello. For the last couple of months I've been learning web development; so far I've gotten the hang of the BASICS of PHP, and HTML, and other languages like JavaScript, SQL, JQuery, etc. and I've managed to produce some very simple websites/apps, but I have absolutely no "real world" experience. I realize I still have a long way to go, but my goal is to break into the industry, and ultimately work as a freelancer. So, I seek your advice. I'd be grateful if someone could just point me in the right direction, and show me where I could get some work experience. Do you perhaps know someone who needs assistance with a small project? I realize I wouldn't be of much use, but I'm willing to practically do anything. The purpose isn't to earn money, - not yet - I simply want to expose myself more to the field. Where could I start? Thanks.
  12. Hello, wasn't quite sure where I should have posted this, or if appropriate for this forum. I know my web design mechanics fairly well, but i'm not really the best art designer. I've created a calender for a site i'm working on. Click on a day, and you can share what your doing on said day. Simple project, but I feel its ugly. I use a "checkmark" image to show a day has an entry. When the owner clicks a day, they are presented with a pop-in (in-page popup?) that allows them to create or edit. Still need to make a delete control, not hard. When a viewer clicks a day, they get an even more lack-luster view without the text-area. Anyway, this feels really awkward when using it. Any tips for bringing it up to 2012? Attached images for it, thanks in advanced for any advice.
  13. Hey Everyone, In one of my design classes I am doing some research for something I am designing. I was wondering if some people in the forum could take it to get a broader perspective on it. More than just people at my school. I am just using the information for class, none of your names or other information will be used. The survey just asks about your preferences when it comes to grocery shopping. The link is below. Please, only users who are between the ages of 18-24. Thanks guys, Survey!
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to design a OO system that interacts with 3rd parties who use SOAP, GET AND POST. These 3rd parties each have their own way of more or less doing the same thing. For example. Say I want to pass them a credit card name, one 3rd party may expect "Mastercard" and another might expect "MSC" to be passed. At the moment I'm thinking I could, for example have a set method like so: $card->setMastercard("MASTERCARD"); Another method to find the correct mapping for it: $card->findMapped(); This may mean a scaleabilty problem if a new card is added in the future. I could create a method is some subclass that takes these details as params, perhaps something like: $thirdParty->('$URL_TO_POST_TO', 'SOAP' ,array(' "MSC" => "MASTERCARD, "VIS" => "VISA" '), // etc ); This would make it potentially a nightmare if a lot of params need passed in but would mean if another card was added, the code wouldn't need changed and it would just mean adding another element in the array. Anyone got any tips or suggestions on how best to tackle this? I'm thinking GET/POST/SOAP parent classes and a "3rd party" subclass. These are just rough ideas. Thanks in advance, CaptainChainsaw
  15. Hey guys, I need to do some Interface Analysis and then re-design on something like a website or software UI and I really can't think of what to do it on. Any suggestions? Regards, Rad
  16. Hi guys Right I have a major headache of a problem. its with regards to the database design of a phrase system for languages for a client of mine. Basically the client has a website with 219 different countries. They want a new section in which they will call phrases. Within this section they want to be able to show a category..... say greetings. When greetings is clicked all of the phrases for greetings in that country come up next to the english version of that word. Let say a users is looking at emergency phrases in france. when they click phrases and then emergency they will see english phrases next to the correct French response the country languages is stored currently in the country table and has a max of 3 language ID's. ok so here is what i have tables Country Languages phrasecat Phrases idcountry idlanguages idphrasecat idphrases country_name lang_name phrasecat_name phrase idlang1 idcountry idlang2 idlanguages idlang3 idphrasecat so from here I have the phrase with the country the phrase is in and the category the phrase belongs to. I dont know where to go from here!!!! I know that every country will have their languages compared to English versions as its an english site but thats it. How do I link 2 phrases together. Whats more if a country has 3 languages. how do I show all three, in order and the english next to it? Im thinking I may need more tables but I cant figure out the design of them. Any thoughts? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Danny
  17. i wanna start designin an index.html page and this is the first time im doing it , i want to cut the page elements into a bunch of div tags then filling them with whatever i want later , i just want to know what im doing wrong and what right and how to make the code work for any screen size ! any comment about the code will be helpful cuz i want to move on and fill everything and i dont want to make some big mistake now ! index_off.html index_off.css
  18. Hi, I am hoping to start up a micro-republic named The Independent Republic of Ursum. Obviously the site is going to be making the first impression and I want it to be a good one. Don't comment on the .tk domain...I know. Only the homepage is done. I wan't to know if my layout is good before I work on the rest. Scrap it or is it good? theindependentrepublicofursum.tk
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