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  1. We've polled the community in the past though and there wasn't enough interest to move forward on it. So I don't see the point. I mean really... you want a shirt that has "phpfreaks" on it? That's a little... I dunno... nerdy.
  2. After using it for over a year, I'm sold on PHPDesigner.  Great product, works well and has a lot built-in.
  3. I agree. There is no check or balance in a system where people can be propped up but not demoted. I think we've covered all there is to cover on this topic, so I'm going to end it while we're "ahead".
  4. Nope. This is a help community based on the donation of time, not money. Besides, I think, and I think the rest of the staff will agree with me, that our community works well and that type of incentive would only work to undermine that current spirit of help. Because then you would have every poster with 5 min of PHP under their belt posting answers to questions hoping to get some kind of kick-back. Besides, PHPFreaks already takes donations and people rarely contribute to that, so what would make them more willing to contribute to a complete stranger? You want a community where you pay for answers? Go to ExpertExchange or some other crappy website like that.
  5. Are you sure it's the cable and not the port on the laptop? I would contact the monitor company and see if they will offer you support on it.
  6. Wait... are you married to my wife too? Edit: sidenote: My brother always said: "All women are monsters... it's just the kind of monster that you get."
  7. Figures... never played with Cake... *shrugs*.
  8. It's not necessarily a nasty scar... but the place where the piercing was stretches out a bit and doesn't exactly go back to it's original shape. And my wife took her belly button jewelry out before she got pregnant... so it had a chance to grow back but did not. And age doesn't really matter. My wife had hers done at 19 and we had our first kid when she was 25.
  9. I thought CakePHP has this option. I'm not really sure that having the edit ability in the website interface is all that fantastic. That pretty much means you're editing live. Typically you want the ability to preview the output outside of the editor before publishing, which is what most CMS packages do.
  10. Tell your gf that if she plans to have kids, don't get her belly button pierced. Trust me. My wife had hers pierced.
  11. While I agree, you have to think like a poor person that would like the latest stuff... or someone that is too busy to actually upgrade when the final version is released. Trust me, I've had an audio card sitting on my desk that I plan to install in my computer when I get the free time. The onboard audio gets me what I need for now and I really haven't had 5 free minutes in the past few months to actually install it. So I get how it would be even harder to actually break down and go through a complete reinstall. I'm just saying... it happens.
  12. ober

    TV suggestions

    Don't overlook Samsung. They have some of the best quality on the market in both product and picture.
  13. Because you don't have to pay for the RC?
  14. I don't think you really want the answer to that.
  15. March of 2010 they will start shutting you down every 2 hours... and then I think it is May when it becomes completely unusable or something like that.
  16. Google "CMS". (Content Management System). There are several varieties, some that do the same as that product or some that handle it differently. You could also google the name of the product that appears at the beginning of the video.
  17. I have similar problems on my work laptop, but it's random and only on the desktop. Like I'll save a file to the desktop and when I go there it isn't there. I hit F5 and it shows up. I read somewhere that this is an ATI bug, but I haven't confirmed it and I haven't upgraded my video drivers. I do not have this issue on my home 64 bit Vista installs on my laptop or desktop. Another note, it only seems to happen after my laptop has been on for a few days. A reboot always fixes it for me.
  18. Do you understand the script? It's hard for us to help you if you didn't write it. edit: And please do not double-post in the future.
  19. If you plan to hand it over to others, I would worry about it. But I guess that depends on your definition of unobtrusive. I built a CMS over the past few years that used to rely heavily on AJAX. After handing it over to a few clients and putting it through it's paces, it turns out that AJAX isn't the best technology in some instances. So I've scaled back considerable in several places. And I think the page specific part would depend on your browser, but I think the answer is no. It's either on or off.
  20. ober

    CSS File Size

    I'm just curious... I've always tried to keep my CSS file sizes to a minimum, like less than 6Kb. I've read that this can reduce the load time of the site. But I've been looking at how some other people do it and I'm seeing file sizes of 20Kb or more. Any thoughts on this?
  21. In a word? Busy. There is too much going on. But it seems like a clan site and they all seem to be built this way. The color scheme is also un-inspiring and bland. There are too many fonts being used and the logo is awkward.
  22. Learn how to make an intelligent post. Locked.
  23. There is an entire sticky and I think several of them are free.
  24. That site seems a little expensive to me. $18 for a large photo? Really? And the subscriptions are insane, especially for someone that does this on the side. It would be insanely expensive for me to build up a small portfolio. edit: then again, maybe I don't know how images are normally priced.
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